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Hello, my name is Ingrid Hansen and I have been on an incredible journey of personal growth and self-discovery for the past 20 years. Initially, I found myself struggling with my health and feeling off. Despite the doctors telling me that I was fine, I knew that something was not right. I began a journey of spiritual healing and awareness, which helped me get to the person I am today - strong, happy, healthy and inspired.

Throughout my journey, I realized that I wanted to create a safe and loving platform for people to come to where they could feel heard and supported. Having spent most of my life feeling like an outsider, I understand how hard it can be to fit in. However, my experiences have shaped me in a positive way, and I wouldn't change a thing about them.

My mission is to help people become more aware of their choices when it comes to health and wellness. I believe that everyone deserves to live a long and healthy life and to thrive instead of just surviving.

Ingrid HansenIngrid Hansen
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As an entrepreneur, aesthetician, accredited meditation teacher, healer, author, friend, and mother

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